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Special Offers

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Enjoy the island of Samothrace and Thasos in a unique combination!

Thasos, the green jewel, where tradition meets modernity, offers a perfect scene for photo lovers who want to capture the most beautiful spots of the island with their camera. We will make sure that you will be at the right time at the right place.

Thasos can not only every hiker's heart beat faster; the island also offers special delicacies for lovers of culinary delights.
Come with us on a culinary tour and be inspired by the unique nature of the island!

Discover the island of Thasos on this one-week active trip. The program includes hiking, canoeing and kayaking as well as culinary delights.
From 999,- Euro p.p.




Visit North Greece is travel agency aiming to provide travelers with special experiences and vacations within the area of North Greece.


Mission: Our efforts base on indulging travelers who are interested in thematic tourism, like cultural, outdoors, gastronomy, sailing, biking and hiking tourism. This type of traveler is a very faithful and responsible traveler.


The demographic profile of our customers is:


Young couples, Lone travelers, Families with children and older couples.

This type of traveler is looking for quality and the unique experience.

Generally have a high income, high education (graduate) and an improvised philosophy in life.

They are responsible and ethical towards the places they visit and care for the environment.



If you are in the following types of business you might be very delighted to advertise with us:


  1. Accommodation – Hotel Business
  2. Gastronomy – Restaurant – Tavern – Local shop
  3. Activities and event coordinator or organize
  4. Environmental and ethical products developer/seller
  5. Travel writer/photographer or blogger
  6. Any other relevant business



Choose your preferred type of advertisement and preferred type of payment.


Types of Advertisement


  • Banner in front page/thematic page/inner page
  • Pop up advertisement
  • Social Media promotion
  • Newsletter promotion – you advertise to all our subscribers

Types of payment


  • Onetime payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Pay per Click payment


"Start your partnership with us today and be in the Visit North Greece family once and for all."

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