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The area of Nestos is a perfect destination for fans of alternative tourism. The bottleneck of the river and lagoons, lakes and marshlands are a true paradise for fans of the ecological, ornithological tourism. The area of ​​the delta of Nestos called Kodja Orman (big forest) is one of the largest forest areas in Greece. In the past, human activities destroyed much of the area as well as many of the branches of the river were fenced and the river was forced only in one arm.
Today the area is protected by the Ramsar and Natura 2000, and local non-governmental organizations are trying to restore its original form with different programs, as proposed by the planting of 60 hectares of new forest tree characteristics for the region or as program whereby some of the arms of the river were previously associated with the main basin of the river. The delta of Nestos is a part of the national park Eastern Thrace and Macedonia established recently. This park contains 540,000 hectares from Kavala to the Rhodopes. The terrain of the park also includes 2 large and 18 small freshwater lakes and 22 lakes with water and mixed with large saline marshlands and reed, and 50 km dune.
The lagoons of Porto Lagos with the lake Vistonida, lagoons Eratinou and the delta of Nestos River is a true paradise for lovers of flora and fauna. Here you can find over 320 types of birds, many of which are protected species, rare species of eagles, pelicans and stable population of over 5000 pink flamingos. There are also many turtles. Fans of ecotourism can walk about 8 km along the river on the European path E6 dug in the rocks by the old railway.
For fans of nature the Nestos Delta will be a real treasure - the height between the river and the rocks is in some places up to 1000 meters. For this there are many different types of forests inhabited by many different species. Action fans and nature lovers will feel excited by the variety of possibilities offered: canoe-kayak, hiking, cycling, bird watching, archery and horse riding are only a few of the activities that someone can pursue in Nestos, Livaditis or Vistonida area. There is also an information center for the Nestos Delta in Keramoti. It offers fully trained and updated information with artwork and audiovisual material.

The Karyon Houses

The Karyon Houses are located in a beautiful green landscape on a hill at Ano Karyofyto of the Municipality of Stavroupolis in the prefecture of Xanthi. Ideal for nature lovers and the best base for great leisure facilities.