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Drama the capital of the prefecture eastern Macedonia. With a population of approximately 42,500 inhabitants.
Even in prehistoric times, it seems there was an inhabited settlement of the Arcadians. In the late classical or early Hellenistic period (late fourth or early third century BC) at the site of today's drama a settlement was established, whose inhabitants cultivated the vines and worshiped the god Dionysus with its own shrine. The settlements continued even during the Roman and Byzantine periods. During the Roman period drama was the colony of Philippi. Byzantine walls you will find scattered around the old town. The Turkish domination of the city began around the 1380th. During the 1st World War, and later in the 2nd World War, the city was occupied by the Bulgarians. Important milestone in the city was the emergence of refugees from Asia Minor, Pontion and Thracian refugees, especially after the Asia Minor catastrophe in 1922. Between the World Wars, the city experienced its golden age, thanks to the profitable tobacco trade.
The park of St. Barbara resources and water mills, Byzantine monuments and the archaeological museum are some of the interesting sights. Villas and imposing buildings of the tobacco farmers are examples of the golden age of the city. Every year in September in Drama the International Short Film Festival take place.
The hill of Korylovos, in the north of the city (600 m high) is ideal for walks in the woods and the stunning views over the city and the region of drama. The ecosystems of the prefecture are the ideal opportunity for nature lovers with an abundance of caves and canyons.

About 25 km from the city of Drama, near Prosotsani is the largest cave in Greece. The cave Aggiti or also called Maaras, at the southern foot of Falakro with superb stalactites and stalagmites.
The Ski Center of Drama, on the slopes of Mount Falakro wins every year a large number of Greek and foreign winter sports enthusiasts.
Drama today is a typical town of the Greek region with modern shopping malls and major parks.